At the Toy Station, we carry a wide variety of dolls and accessories. One of our most popular brands is Corolle, a French company that produces dolls for all ages, from “my first doll” to small fashion dolls, though their main line is of classic baby dolls.

The trendy dolls of the moment are Groovy Girls, by Manhattan Toy. They come in a variety of styles, with an outfit and accessory for every occasion.

We also carry a number of other dolls, by a variety of companies and manufacturers. No matter what the occasion, chances are we have a fitting doll!




Corolle dolls originated and are designed in France. Each doll
is finely crafted with an exquisite
attention to detail







At the same time the designers are sensitive tocorolle-bow the playability of the dolls. The Toy Station carries the full line.








The bath babies have sealed joints so water
cannot enter.

The baby dolls and toddlers have a wonderful feeling in a child’s arms. Corolle doll hair is fully combable and stylable. corolle-white





The Toy Station of Lake Forestcarries the complete Muffy Vanderbear line. Call us if you are looking for any specific piece.

Perfectly poised in a festive red taffeta ballgown that gathers gracefully at the back, with rouched sleeves, plaid rose and velvet leaf trim, and embroidered details.muffy-dress


Muffy heads off down the bunny trail with a hippity-hop in her pink bunny suit, topped with a separate bunny hood and floppy ears.


Precious in a pink ombre ribbon taffeta dress, Muffy looks as if she has been dipped in dye! She has her very own Fabearge’ Egg, in blue and gold enamel with rose trim.muffy-easter


Muffy is a Great Artiste at Work in her blue linen artist’s smock and black beret. Comes complete with smudges.




The tradition and elegance of Madame Alexander dolls continues today with a full line of collectible dolls, baby dolls and play dolls. The Alexander Doll Company is the only major manufacturer of handcrafted dolls in America.
Their high quality manufacturing and collectibility make Madame Alexander dolls the perfect gift for anyone, regardless of age.
The Toy Station carries the full line of Madame Alexander dolls.

Spunky little six-year-old Eloise spend her days running through the red-carpeted corridors of her famous hotel, meeting up with various dilettantes, debutantes and dowagers.madame-eloise


For over 77 years,
Madame Alexander dolls
have reflected grace,
elegance and charm.

These elegant designs capture the spirit of a doll making legend, and continue the legacy of high style and fine craftsmanship.madame-rageddy


Madame Alexander brings
to life the excitement,
warmth and effervescent
spirit of the myth of the
beautiful woman.

The gift of a Madame Alexander doll is a thoughtful way to show your heartfelt sentiments to someone you love.madame-cinderella


The unsurpassed artistry and
attention to detail of these
childhood characters
always brings a welcoming smile.




William Britain’s scaled figurines are a classic addition to any collection. The Toy Station displays everything from World War II figurines to various Limited Edition pieces.

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Corolle, Groovy Girls, Muffy Vanderbear and Madame Alexander Dolls from The Toy Station of Lake Forest, Illinois